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    Finsbury Park Hi again.
    Its interesting you should mention this once more, since you have posted similar criticisms in a number of other places. I shall reply as I did in this post where you discussed DMU headcodes. Please feel free to PM me and send the information you state is freely on offer. I will ensure that the information is passed to the person concerned. Perhaps you could also send the examples of Class 121/122 headcodes at the same time?
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      Just to add a little more on the issue of Headcodes for the class 73. I think you should look at the photo attached below of the class 73/1 JB E6013 seen in the carriage sidings at Guildford around 1968. The livery may also be of interest on this loco.

      Note the headcode panel still has the upper horizontal blind above the numerals, here revealing the white bar used in addition to the alpha numeric headcode for an ECS working. This additional blind also had a number of alternative dots/dashes but as I mentioned to "Finsbury Park" above, I can't remember now what the other options were for. A guess is such things as Parcels, Newspapers or Mails workings.

      Further below the Alpha numeric headcode is another oddity, peculiar to the Class 73. Namely the two round white dots. These too could be revealed as seen here, or wound to black, as faintly seen in the other photo of 73132 at Strood in 1980. Careful examination will reveal below the red tail shades displayed, the two round spots, now wound to black. As white must not be revealed here when red tail shades are displayed. When revealed at the leading end the two white spots were supposedly meant to act as marker lights.

      Having said all that, I do remember that when I was playing around with Class 47's and the such like when I was an Exeter Driver. The four character headcode blinds also had included on each roll small round white dots....................................!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	E6013 @ Guildford.jpg Views:	1 Size:	105.5 KB ID:	7652
      Click image for larger version  Name:	73132 @ Strood 1980.jpg Views:	1 Size:	242.8 KB ID:	7653

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