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    Modern Electro-Diesel variations ? Pictures continued from Post 16.

    Click image for larger version

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    Above:A view looking across to the left hand side of the cab and the "Secondmans seat".

    Click image for larger version

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    Above:After an hours shunting with the aid of our Museum 900hp diesel loco to remarshall the heritage vehicles. The 3 airbraked Container flats having been individually positioned one behind the loco, one in the middle of the train (seen closest), and the third at the rear. As the heritage vehicles only have a air brake through pipe and no brakes. The Monster ED has now backed onto the train and is about to pull forward back onto RENFE tracks where it will be able to switch back to the 3000v DC overhead supply.

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    Above: As this special Heritage vehicle train is limited to just 50Km/h (30mph) it is waiting to follow the EMU seen, onto the single line from Mora la Nova to Reus near the coast 25 miles away. The EMU is of a suburban type that most oddly operates a once daily (in each direction) Madrid to Barcelona all stations service that takes over 10 hours to complete. All other passenger services seen here at Mora are normally provided by Air-conditioned 100mph semi-fast EMU types with vending machines for snacks and drinks. Note the Signalbox in the left background which now forms the Museums Reception office, as signalling is now controlled from Zaragoza around 80 miles away.

    Click image for larger version

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    Above: The Monstrous ED now slides out of the loop about 14.30hrs to begin its slow (30mph) journey over the single line section to Reus near the coast. Where it will then turn north up the coast to its destination in the Barcelona area. Could Dapol break into the Spanish market with a model of this beast ???

    Click image for larger version

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    Above: The other loco used to marshall the "heritage train" was our own 900hp restored diesel nicknamed "Yay Yay". Here seen in the process of shunting this morning. With the Museum owner supposedly at the controls ! This loco although of US design was built in Spain by the British Company Babcock and Wilcox back in the 1960's. .

    The Museum is open weekends and Spanish holidays to visitors from 11.00am-14.00 and 17.00-19.30hrs and operated by volunteers. Its primary aim is to eventually operate mainline steam tours, as we also have a couple of large steam locos in our collection. Mora la Nova is 25 miles inland from Tarragona on the old mainline to Zaragoza. Or about 2hrs by train from Barcelona. 25 minutes by car from Reus airport, or 35 minutes by car from Tarragona, and the beaches.

    The Duke 71000


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      Ah, well thankyou for that information. I asked some of the Museum members yesterday if they knew of any model of this type. They all replied in the negative, with one person going as far as to say "No one was likely to make a model of such a small class" ! I shall therefore check out the sources you mention.

      In reality I am actually more interested in trying to get British outline back into Spanish shops, as it seems it vanished around 20 years ago. The German ranges it seems simply jumped in and picked up the slack. The general consensus in Spain from potential customers, retailers and even wholesalers is that British outline is old fashioned, poor quality, and toy like. So viewers of my layout at the Lleida (last March) and Barcelona (early May) shows were extremely confused by the range and quality of British outline locos I was using.... Many were asking where I had got the products. When told I simply use a plastic card to buy from British shops, on the internet or by phone mail order. This method seemed to totally defeat them as if it was impossible for a Spaniard to do likewise, and ALL walked away clearly dissapointed !!!
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      You mentioned that there's a similar loco in larger numbers on Spain's MG network. Can you PM me some pics of it or tell me what the loco is called/classified?

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      Feve (Spanish metre gauge network in northern Spain) run a number of Bo-Bo metre gauge diesels under the title "Series 1900". I found a number of photos and info on Wikipedia, and a number of other posts (in English) by British train fans visiting the Feve system.

      The Duke 71000