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    I've been contacted by a few people with a lot of information and diagrams showing the WABTEC Class 73/9s. I've been requested to actually design a shell to fit on top of a Dapol Class 73 chassis. Quite an interesting project. From what I can see, the Class 73/9 truly is different. It would require a fair bit of new tooling or modifications both inside and out.

    If I can get my hands on a cheap Class 73 in both N scale and OO scale. I shall probably have a go at it. Very interesting locomotive and something I'd love to do.

    Can't say for sure whether I'll do it or not. It all depends upon the availability of a cheap donor locomotive or two.
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      Hi all,

      I haven't posted on the Digest in a while, so I hope everyone is well?

      I have commented on this thread previously as I have an interest in GBRf 73/9s. Joel Dapol Andy Dapol so you don't currently have any plans to produce these in OO Gauge?

      Thank you in advance.