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59 204 National Power

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  • 59 204 National Power

    This is a very impressive looking model, if the photos so far are representative.
    If it's quality is as good as I anticipate, and certainly as the superbly impressive Class 68, it should be a model to keep for a long time.

    I've actually ordered 59 204 from one of your outlets.

    Just one thought.
    I understand the effects of lighting conditions, ambient light, fade over time, etc., but the blue on the body looks a bit intense - a bit too strong.

    Has the intensity of the blue been moderated a little, from what we see in the pre-production photos, or will it be precisely as seen - say - on Hattons website - larger photos can be seen there?

    Just a question - won't affect my order - I like Blue anyway (Evertonian!!)


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    OP was written 6 months ago - any update on the model please?

    Rotating axleboxes have been something of an 'issue' with the Hattons one, how is progress with the Dapol one?
    I believe the Hattons' 66 axles are too short, not permitting sufficient 'purchase for the axles, and the access holes in the bogie sideframes were a little too small, meaning any slightl off-centre axlebox will catch and cause 'wobble' - has this been noticed in the 59?

    When is the latest ETA in model shops please?




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      Hi atom3624 ,
      This model is still progressing, delays last year to all our product range and the subsequent need to design around electronic supplies issues impacted progress. However I am expecting further samples shortly, which if satisfactory will permit production to start.
      Livery samples have been revised (basically the purpose of livery samples is to sample paint shades and printing challenges etc.) and we are happy with the colour chip samples. There will be a full update once we have production and delivery forecasts.

      Dapol Staff Member


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        Hi Andy,

        That sounds great.
        Not sure what you mean by electronic supplies issues, but if it's in hand and will be resolved, that's the main thing.

        All being well - electronic issues, paint / livery verification and definition, etc - with production due to start, when would be an ETA to customer - end of Q2?




        • Joel Dapol
          Joel Dapol commented
          Editing a comment
          Hello Alan, hopefully end of quarter 2, perhaps into Quarter 3.