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Rolling stock for the Class 59s

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  • Rolling stock for the Class 59s

    For a geologist I do not tend to follow the rolling stock used for sand and aggregate trains - I really should and the 59 model has certainly sparked my interest.
    What rolling stock/wagons are there to go with the 59s out of Merehead with Aggregates Industries, DB Cargo UK and Hanson?

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    I bought a 59 National Power and a set of wagons from a well known source. Very expensive but very good. They were a special commission from a competitor who has not put them in their catalogue, so should be easy to replicate.


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      Is there any update on what (if any) rolling stock is going to be produced to go with the 59's?



      • JeremiahBunyan
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        Nope...If there is it'll will be announced with a lot of fanfare LOL!

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      evening all.

      has there been any further news on what (if any) rolling stock is to be produced for the 59's. please don't do a Lima and Hornby and release them with no rolling stock.



      • Neil Dapol
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        Hi Darryl,

        Rolling stock for the Class 59's is being discussed but no decision has been reached so far, i will let you know when we have something concrete

      • daz9284
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        Hi Neil

        thank you for the reply. Fingers crossed that the discussions become concrete. I know this is in the wrong thread, but if the 59's sell well (I'm sure they will), is there plans to release the 59/0 in Agg Inds and GBRf livery and 59/1 in Hanson?

        many thanks

      • 159220
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        I would also seek AI livery along with Hanson. Having only pre-ordered the DBS out of batch 1.

        I hope the JNA/MMA thread has proven useful in choosing a wagon, now over 500 JNA/MMA in the UK which see a lot of Class 59 haulage in MRL livery.

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      Was any rolling stock announced for the Class 59 to haul at the recent open day?