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    New to this forum, but not that 'new' ... !!
    There have been plenty of DRS variants produced - fantastic model that it is - but only one TPE variant - which courtesy of Accurascale's announcement to produce Mk.5 coaching stock has sold out everywhere!!

    Is there any consideration to add to the 68 production, and specifically to TPE-liveried OO-scale variants please?




    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
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      Hello Al and welcome. The problem we have, is reaching the batch size for the Class 68. I fear we have satiated all the DRS/Chiltern/Scotrail demand already (we have stock still) and I do not think we will sell a solo run of TPE Class 68's.

      I am sure we will produce more TPE Class 68's but not for a while until we feel confident in having a fair stab at selling the other versions of Class 68 which will have to be made alongside.

    • DavidInYork
      DavidInYork commented
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      Unfortunately there don't seem to be any additional new liveries in the pipeline at the moment on the real ones! I would assume that the two Scotrail ones will probably go back to DRS livery (whcih they had when delivered) once the Scotrail contract finishes later in the year.

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    Hi Joel, the 68 is widely considered a 'market leader' in quality in the model railway scene - I know that having had a DRS variant - beautiful model and well done.

    DRS do have different liveries which you have covered very well - including the 'early correction' on the Compass scheme which is a lot more pro-active than many would have been and hat's off.

    When looking at the issue / distrubution of 'the real ones', not that models aren't real, there are more TPE's than any other region, yet only one model ...

    This might have been acceptable in the grand scheme originally had it not been for those "£$"£$!! (meant in a friendly way) from Ireland.

    That they are producing the Mk.5 coaching stock in that TPE distinctive livery has probably increased interest in your TPE 68 I would guess at least 3-fold.

    Thanks for the reply and I await a re-issue / addition in anticipation - same or different number / name as there's an excellent choice available ...