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    Excellent news about more of the TPE livery 68’s. I have one of the sound fitted ones from the first release. Is there any info about another sound fitted version as I will be ordering them.

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    Dapol have listed theTPE 68s for 'expressions of interest' at the moment, so any options would likely be added later if/when the project is proceeded with.

    Please note that Dapol are generally not supplying sound fitted models to trade now, so you would need to register your interest with Dapol directly.
    Alternatively several suppliers offer class 68 sound decoders and many retailers would be able to fit one of these decoders on request if the models go to production. Again it would be best to register your interest so that retailers can pass their orders along to Dapol before the end of January.

    Ian @ antics.
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      Ian is correct, sound fitted options will be listed from us if the project receives enough interest. So if you want one of these locomotives, register your interest with your favourite model shop.

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    I'd like to have one, but I think the shade of light blue used on the model (around the cab) is indeed far too light. If that can be corrected it would be great.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      I already have a TPE 68 with sound direct from Dapol as soon as the sound version was announced I pre ordered one. It would be nice if you could register interest on the Dapol website, as doing thought a retailer you have to pre order one and give all your information, if a sound fitted one is made available then I have to cancel the pre order and order again with Dapol.
      Hattons have already said they sold out with in days off the last batch and Accurascale is producing 2 numbered sets of MK5a coaches and I would of thought more will follow. Then I am sure another production run of the loco Will sell very well.


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        Hi All I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year, I would like to say that like Jeremiah above I am not totally convinced
        the blue shade at the front of the previous version is correct. If these are being done to Run with Accurascale's coaches, which they obviously are
        the colour needs to accurately match the stock would it be possible and sensible to converse with them to ensure they match.
        Also as there doesn't seem to be another thread that's suitable will we see any more DRS machines produced 017 would be my choice.


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          I have ordered mine today with sound.