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F2 Tail Light Function

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  • F2 Tail Light Function

    My gaugemaster DCC system on F2 doesn't actually latch so wont switch the tail lights off which is annoying. I'm wondering whether I can reprogramme the decoder to use an alternative Function say F7. The decoder is a Dapol Imperium. Any help would be appreciated. The new TPE and plain blue liveries look fab on this model.
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    I've managed to resolve this issue now.
    I've set mine to use F8, Button 8 is part of the higher functions, which would make use of CV38. Therefore, by selecting the value that corresponds to Button 8 (a value of 8), and programming that value into CV 38, Function 2 will now respond to Button 8. To finish the transfer, you need to clear the button from responding to Button 2. To do this, program CV 36 with 0