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Next batch of class 68's - Any improvements??

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    Hi All, I would also like to thank Dapol for the gesture of replacing the original shells I have now fitted my 005 shell and it is superb.
    Have also taken delivery of 008 Avenger and it is interesting to note the improvement to the model, both in packaging and to the finish of the
    model itself. Highly impressed all round, looking forward now to batch 3 Lol.Which now has three more livery variations to go at i.e. plain blue
    as per 022 etc at the moment, basic DRS blue with interim markings and of course full Trans pennine !
    Dapol obviously know how to extract my hard earned as I did'nt own a Dapol loco at the start of the year and now have three .
    Also looking forward to the 59 and future developments.
    Lastly I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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      I too would like to thank you for the revisions that have been made - they make an already brilliant model even better. I have two of the first batch (both Scotrail) and now 68008 - well I will on Christmas day ;-)

      One question - did the DRS shop get replacement bodies? I know they are selling 68001 still, and would be interested but only with the corrected livery. I did ask them by email, but have got no reply.




      • JeremiahBunyan
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        68001 was also supplied to those who purchased it directly by Dapol/DCC Supplies...

      • Joel Dapol
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        Yes, corrected bodies are available to those customers who have already purchased them and the stock still unsold are getting their bodies exchanged before any more are being despatched. I hope that helps.

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      do do you know when then DCC fitted and DCC sound versions will be released?

      Many thanks


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        Hello Ali, Unfortunately both the sound decoder and non-sound decoders were late being delivered and this means unfortunately it will be early January before we start shipping these. My apologies for this.

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      Good luck with the nomination for 'Model of the Year' awards. Naturally voted for the class 68. In my opinion it is the new benchmark in modern high detail standards.

      See: British Model Railway Awards 2017


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        Hello is there any update on the DCC fitted 68s please as I see that the chips are now in the shops and people are receiving them. I know it takes time to fit the chips but the DCC ready ones have been available since Warley.


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          Hello Robert Potter , You may not have heard that there was a significant delay between ordering and receiving the decoders. They arrived just before Christmas so installation commenced in the New Year. They started shipping last week and this will continue over the next 2-3 weeks fulfilling all outstanding orders. Each model is not only fitted, but tested for full function before re-packing, so the process takes a little longer than strictly necessary, but we prefer to add this extra assurance.
          I've attached a few photos of our installation process to whet your appetite!

          Dapol Staff Member


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            Hi just wanted to say you have produced a very good model and i have 68014 from first production run and 68008 from the second but has anyone noticed the light bleed from the body shell with the lights on both from cab sides and behind the aircon box on the cab roof of DRS blue 68008 . Must say again a super model though well done .

            p.s. the new decoder by dapol give great control of the loco .