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New Class 122's for 2018

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  • New Class 122's for 2018

    Coming to a model shop near you.
    Decorated samples have been received for our 2nd release of Class 122 models in OO. We are producing 2 new liveries and 3 favourites with new numbers and some body style variations.

    Delivery is expected during Q4 2018

    55003 is in BR Blue with two digit headcode
    Both the Network South East and Loadhaul locos are fitted with centre wipers and (dummy) auxiliary headlamps.
    55006 is modelled in small yellow panel livery, retaining its early type joined exhaust for a while longer.

    The models are:
    4D-015-006 Network South East (Route learning) 55019
    4D-015-007 Loadhaul 55012
    4D-015-008 Green, Speed whiskers 55018
    4D-015-009 Green, Yellow panel 55006
    4D-015-010 BR Blue with 2 digit Headcode 55003

    Dapol Staff Member

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    Thanks for the news and pictures.

    One comment - Re Loadhaul livery.

    The inner edges of the orange side panels should slant the same way at both ends, matching the lower portion of the company logo.
    ie the side orange panel nearest the camera in the photo should slant from the cab side door joint line area at the bottom upwards and rearwards to the cab grab rail at the top.

    Ian S.


    • Andy Dapol
      Andy Dapol commented
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      Hi Ian. Thanks for this. I agree with your comment. This will be corrected. Also (just visible in the photo) the model has a small gap between the yellow and orange panels, this is also corrected.
      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Andy Dapol
      Andy Dapol commented
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      Hi Jeremiah,
      I would argue the exhausts were painted black ('Hammerite' perhaps?). The colour is very even along the length and circumference of the pipes, even in protected places (i.e. between body and rear of pipe). If silver is preferred, then it's probably not a big deal to change?

    • JeremiahBunyan
      JeremiahBunyan commented
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      Hi Andy,

      Same argument from my side, hence why I pointed out that they were black as seen on the prototype in the link I also added.

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    Stealthy Andy Dapol has managed to escape my radar again. Only saw this post because of Ian's reply which did turn up in the notification. All that aside, they look really nice and I am sure they'll sell.
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