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Dapol 121 running characteristics

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  • Dapol 121 running characteristics

    Recently received a BR blue/grey example from Liverpool, besides the disappointment of no decal sheet with this variant, I am struggling to understand it’s unusual running properties. I have given the model an extensive running in period, and now, after it “warms up” the speed is fine for my layout, it runs smoothly albeit with a slightly annoying hum.
    I am still waiting for my Imperium decoder to turn up, so am running it dc at the moment. If unused for an hour or two , it needs about 2 or 3 minutes running to speed up, is this a fault? Will dcc allow it to run normally without this strange warm up period? Any advice appreciated.

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    Hi Portsladepete
    Which model do you have (on the box label FYI), I can advise that many of this livery did not have headcodes.
    Regarding running, has it been run in fully? I suggest running it for 20-30 minutes in each direction, this may 'ease it up'. Alternatively it can be returned to the place of purchase for replacement/refund if it does not perform.

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      Thanks for your reply, it is 4D-009-007, I believe the decal sheet has destinations on it, which these had in the middle window, seems a strange decision not to include one by Dapol, must of cost more to leave it out! I fitted the Imperium decoder, and now the “warm up” period is seemingly not required.
      I have run the model far longer to run in than anything I have ever owned, but it has improved. Other than the disappointment of no decal sheet, I am enjoying owning it. Think Dapol could afford to supply a decal sheet foc to those who didn’t receive one, ie me!
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