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Introducing our new Water Tower accessory

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  • Introducing our new Water Tower accessory

    One of our background projects was announced publicly during our recent Collectors Club open day and is the first of what we hope will be a range of functioning and fun lineside accessories.

    We see this a little like sound was viewed 10 years ago, a way of adding a little fun and functionality into the operation of our railways, only this time we have wrapped an authentic scale model around it!

    Initially available in OO, Each 'livery' will be available fully finished and decorated as two versions: animated (with sound) and static. The animated version operates from DC (including battery), AC or DCC power sources from 9V - 15V and is triggered by the included switch or DCC adaptor. DC 9V battery adaptors, DCC Adaptor and extension cables are available optionally.

    Sound can be disabled if required, leaving only the motion of the filler arm.

    Availability is Q1 2017 and our estimated RRP will be £25.00 (Static) and £50.00 (Animated)

    2 styles: Conical and flat top
    GWR Chocolate & cream or grey liveries

    Highly detailed model:
    • OO operating scale model
    • Flexible delivery pipe (can be trimmed to suit location/track height etc.)
    • Etched parts
    • Water valve and positioning chains
    • Drain grill
    • Tether post
    • Frost prevention heater

    Operating and electrical features
    • Fill pipe rotates 90 with sound effects
    • 12v DC/AC or DCC operation (9V min - 15V max)
    • Remote switch actuated (included)
    • Optional relay PCB for DCC control
    • Optional power and switch extension cables

    Sound effects:
    • Normal fill or overflow (single or double switch operation)
    • Random speech comments:
      • During fill (if overflow)
        • There’s waters spilling all over the place
        • Quick mate! - Let go of that chain!
        • Blimey it’s overflowing. Look out!
        • Blooming trainees. Too slow. Too slow!
        • I should have worn me blessed wellies!
        • I said for you to keep an eye on it

    1. Fill completed
      • Right we’re ready to go!
      • Ready mate, she’s full!
      • That’ll see us over the top!
      • Grab the token, we’re off!

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    Is it easy to fit?
    yes, we've used the same colour codes and method of operating as our signals. The Black and red wire is connected to the power supply, whilst the two yellow wires connect to the switch or DCC module. All extension leads, switches and other electrical accessories are pluggable so its simple to connect. The tower is simply fitted to your layout.

    So, how does it work?

    The tower has two ways of operating; Normal fill or overflow. These are selected by the length of the button press, a short press starts a normal fill and by holding the switch closed for more than 3 seconds an overflow fill is started. Pressing the button a second time stops the fill no matter what type was started.
    • The short fill swings the filling arm into position and plays the sound of running water, at the end it swings back and the driver is heard shouting a comment at the fireman.
    • The overflow fill starts out the same, but the sound changes to water overflowing. At this point the Driver will notice and shout to the fireman, if the button is held a second message will be heard (not always complementary!) after the arm returns, the driver shouts out his instructions.

    I've embedded two videos below to show the different modes (sorry for the distortion of the voice but it is an EP!).
    Normal fill:

    Overflow fill:
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