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User Reputation, (Explaining the Orange pips)

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  • Tip: User Reputation, (Explaining the Orange pips)

    User Reputation is a ranking of how members value your contributions to the Digest. It is created from the opinions of all Digest users that choose take part in it.
    Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other Digest members. Users will either give or remove points by approving or disapproving a post's content. You will also gain reputation based on the length of time you have been a member.

    There are two components to the system:

    The first is your reputation LEVEL. This is the number of points you have earned as a result of other's opinions. Every new member starts with 1 point. Essentially, someone can agree post by giving you a 'Like' and your LEVEL will increase, or remain the same (in the case that someone does not have any reputation power). As your LEVEL increases, you will have more orange pips in your posts (under your avatar). The more pips, the more reputation points you have. As you gain reputation, your reputation description will become more grand as time goes by!

    The second is your reputation POWER. This is the relative power you have to affect someone else's LEVEL. Your individual power is a calculation based on the length of time participating in the Digest, the number of posts, and your own reputation level. So, if you have been here a while, have a decent number of posts, and a good level, your POWER will be higher. Think of this as how you would value someone's opinion. You will give more weight to the opinion of a trusted friend than a stranger. You can see your POWER in your User CP. When you give positive reputation, you will add points equal to your POWER to that other users LEVEL.

    The more you use the reputation system, the more robust the Digest will become. It sounds confusing, but it is really pretty simple on the surface.
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