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Dapol Digest: Posting Hints and Tips.

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  • Information: Dapol Digest: Posting Hints and Tips.

    The site is set out by Gauges. Within each gauge section is a topic.
    If a project is under development (i.e. a new model or substantial redesign is involved) there will be a project managers (PM) blog within the topic. This will contain the latest news on that project as well as any other information that the PM may think is of interest.
    New Topics can be created by the Admins.

    Making posts:
    Posts can be made under each topic. If starting a new post within a topic, try to make the title short, but descriptive. The box to the left of the title box contains some predefined post descriptions, the box to the right a set of post/topic Icons. Both of these features will help your post stand out and make it more descriptive.
    A note about post prefixes:When these are used, it's possible to click on it to display all recent posts with the same prefix.
    Replying to a Project Managers Blog entry: Please restrict posting in this are to replies and questions relevant to the PM's update, general discussions should be posted in the main topic.

    Responding to posts:
    There are two methods of responding to a post Replying and Commenting.
    • Reply: Used to start a new discussion within a topic on a new subject.
      • i.e.
        Topic: class 33
        members reply: will you make a 'slim jim'?[/INDENT]
    • Comments: Used when you want to make a response or addition to a specific reply or post made under a topic.
      • i,e.
        Topic: class 33
        members reply: will you make a 'slim jim'?
        members comment: There were very few made of these.

    Referencing other posts and Tagging members:
    This can make your point clearer if you reference other posts, or you may wish to draw another members attention to your posting.
    • Linking: When you view a post, you may wish to reference another post or reference an external site (Please read our ToS first). In the top right of each post is a permalink, this is shown as a # and a number. The link can be copied and pasted into your message.
    • Quoting: Possibly tidier and more readable than linking.Highlight the section of the post you want to quote. For clarity, please quote only relevant portions of the post and avoid quoting large postings in entirety. Click the " icon (found in the advanced editing toolbar), this will insert the [Quote] tags and position your cursor ready to paste in the quote. Keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste are: <Ctrl-c> Copy <Ctrl-P> Paste.
    • Tagging [reference] another member use @membername. This will automatically message the member informing them
      [email protected] I agree!

    Writing a post:
    There are a number of icons along the top of the post box which can help you make your message look great. Please make your post clear and logical to assist other members.
    A This is the advanced editing toolbar. It turns on the text toolbar which allows you to change fonts, use bold etc. etc.
    Camera icon: Allows upload of photos and arranges them as a set of thumbnails at the bottom of the post.
    Paper & clip icon: Allows upload of photos as attachments. These can be embedded into the text, although its not as neat as the photo upload option.

    Full usage instructions and help can be found by following the help link at the bottom of each page or clicking here.
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    Andy , thanks a great tutorial of use to many not just on here. What chance an overview on picture uploading as not had chance to find out how, having failed miserably at first half hearted attempt late on the other night..