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  • Software upgrade

    We've upgraded to the latest version of the site software. Overall you will not notice large changes, but one or two new features have been added, notably:
    • reCAPTCHA V2. If you need to verify your humanity (and who doesn't from time to time ) you will notice a new I'm not a robot box. Simply tick this and click on the squares to answer the question prompted. The audio test is also much easier to understand. This will only be noticeable to unregistered members on first joining.
    • @mentions If you use the @username feature then the users avatar will display alongside, for example Andy Dapol
    • New Messenger feature: Messenger allows you to online/realtime chat with one or more other users.

    Users can currently access Messenger in two way
    1. By clicking on the chat bubble icon next to the user's name in posts.
    2. By selecting a chat discussion from the Messages drop down in the header of the page.

    Every new private message discussion can be accessed in the Messenger system. Each Messenger Discussion will be opened in its own windows.
    The number of participants allowed is 5 which controls how many other people can be messaged at once. Once a Messenger window has been opened, users have access to the full Editor menu to craft and send their messages.
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